Identify High Hazard Chemicals at Your Facility

By:  Arthur Mahoney, M.S., CHMM, REA

September 30, 2008

Have you wondered which chemicals at your facility pose the highest hazard and need special controls because they could be used to make a controlled substance, be sought by a terrorist, or cause a fire or explosion or poisoning at your facility from an accidental spill or mishap?

How are you currently identifying these high hazard chemicals in your inventory?
When chemicals become newly regulated are you able to find them at your facility? At many institutions the job falls on an EHS staff member to visually inspect a facility's inventory against lists of regulated chemicals. More often than not many chemicals are missed.

To assist you in this screening process, we are offering a valuable new service: reports of high-hazard chemicals which are in your inventory. You provide us your chemical inventory and we provide you a list of chemicals in your inventory which are regulated. We can then assist you with identifying any additional controls needed to make sure these chemicals are safely and legally managed.

Chemicals Included in the Screening

Your inventory will be screened for the over 1500 regulated chemicals.

  • Drug Enforcement Agency Controlled Substances and Precursors List I and II
  • California Department of Justice Controlled Chemical Substances
  • Department of Homeland Security Chemicals of Concern
  • Department of Health and Human Services Select Agents or Toxins
  • Water reactive and air-reactive chemicals (Fire Code)
  • Highly toxic chemicals (Fire Code)
  • (bonus) OSHA and Cal/OSHA carcinogens
  • (bonus) Proposition 65 chemicals
  • (bonus) IARC Carcinogens, Category 1, 2A and 2B
  • Additional classes of chemicals upon request.

Easy to Read Reports at a Fair Price

Easy to read reports of the high hazard chemicals will be provided at an fair price.  Actual pricing depends on the size and quality of your inventory.  Please call or email us for details.

The Next Steps: Assistance with Managing High Hazard Chemicals

In addition to identifying these chemicals in your inventory we can assist you with their proper management. Examples of services we provide, include:

  • Program compliance audit
  • Chemical inventory management/database services
  • Carcinogen use reporting
  • Proposition 65 postings
  • Controlled Chemical Substance permit
  • Chemical security audits
  • Chemical storage assistance
  • NFPA 704 placarding
  • Training

Related Services

  • Chemical safety training
  • Hazardous material and dangerous goods shipping training
  • Onsite and special project support
  • HMBP
  • Unidocs inventory upload

Served by an Expert in the Field

My credentials include:

  • 17 years of experience assisting public and private companies to comply with environmental and safety laws and regulations
  • Educator of safety professionals
  • MS in chemistry from University of California, Berkeley
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (Masters Level)
  • Registered Environmental Assessor
Please feel free to contact me about other services at 650.347.0417 or e-mail at

Kind Regards

Arthur Mahoney, MS, CHMM, REA

Hazard Solutions LLC
326 Sonora Drive, San Mateo, CA 94402
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Disclaimer: The information presented above should not be construed in any way as legal advice or an interpretation of regulations. It is meant to provide basic information about topics that may affect clients and colleagues.

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