Onsite EH&S Services

Maintaining a safe work place requires adequate EHS staffing. We realize that businesses benefit by a flexible EHS staff level -which we can provide to small and large companies.

Small Companies and Startups

Small businesses and startups may not need a fulltime EHS staff member. These businesses may need an EHS consultant on a temporary basis to assist with permits, program development and training for a short duration –perhaps a month or two. The EHS consultant may then be needed a day or two every month to maintain the existing programs, provide safety orientation training for new employees, etc.

Small companies which rely on an employee to wear the hat of facilities, safety and human resources could also benefit by the assistance of flexible EHS consultant on an as-needed basis.

Special Projects

Additionally mid- to large-sized companies having special projects that necessitate high a lot of EHS resources for a short duration can also benefit by having flexible EHS staffing by a consultant.

We can provide your organization with the level of staff needed at the time. This gives your organization the flexibility it needs as it grows.

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