Compliance Services

EHS Needs Assessment

The first step to establishing a safe workplace is determining the hazardous operations and conditions at your facility. We make this determination by visiting your facility, observing employees at work, and interviewing staff. Based on the information we collect, we will determine safety and environmental requirements applicable to your facility. The information is presented to you in a concise easy to read format with the specific regulations cited.

Safety Program Development

We will work with you to create effective safety programs. Part of the process will include clarifying EHS responsibilities of staff from executive management to non-management level employees. Some specific programs that we can assist with include:

General Safety Programs(applies to most companies)

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Fire Prevention Plan
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • Hazardous Materials Business Plan
    Inventory collection services available, including use of EH&S Manager inventory and MSDS management software
  • Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Security Plan (required if you ship a placardable load of hazardous materials or wastes, and other materials) Read more about the requirements.

Laboratory Safety Programs

Facility Safety Programs

  • Personal Protective Equipment Program
  • Respiratory Protection Plan
  • Lockout/Tagout Program
  • Hot Work Program
  • General Electrical Safety Program
Permitting and Reporting Assistance

Agencies, including the local fire and city and county health departments, will need to be apprised of the chemicals used and hazardous waste generated at your facility as well as emergency procedures that you have established. Additionally, authorizations (permits) may need to be obtained from your local waste water treatment facility and Air Resources Board before discharging chemicals into the sewer system or releasing contaminants into the air.

We can give you a leading edge in safety by using our proprietary software to identify regulated chemicals in your inventory and helping you obtain the needed authorizations. Specific services we provide include:

  • Chemical inventory collection (using our proprietary software EH&S Manager)
  • Hazardous material notifications, registrations and permits
  • Hazardous Material Business Plans (HMBPs)
  • Hazardous waste notifications and registrations
  • Hazardous waste permits, including Permit by Rule
  • Medical Waste notifications and permits
  • Medical Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Discharge permits
  • Carcinogen Use Reporting

Environmental and health and safety auditing is key to ensuring that your programs are meeting legal requirements, company standards, and requirements of funders.

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