HMBP Training

Extract from Cal/OSHA’s Guide to Hazard Communication Regulation

Employee training is an integral part of the hazard communication program and must be provided at the time of initial assignment, whenever a new hazard is introduced into the workplace, and when employees may be exposed to other employers’ workplace hazards. Employees need to know ahead of time the identity and hazards of all chemicals to which they may be exposed, including chemicals listed under Proposition 65. Once they have this knowledge, they will understand the need to protect themselves and are more likely to observe the company’s safety rules.

Employee training on new or revised MSDS information must be provided within 30 days of the employer receiving that information. All training materials used must be appropriate in both content and vocabulary for the educational level, literacy level, and language comprehension level of the employees. Employees must be given an opportunity to ask questions of the person(s) conducting the training. Although not required, periodic refresher training in addition to the initial training is beneficial and encouraged. Videotapes may be used to supplement your training; however, videos alone are not an acceptable substitute for training.”

Additionally, here is a link to what Cal/OSHA inspectors look for to determine if the HazCom program meets the legal requirements

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